Environmental , Health & Safety Manager

Posted: May 09, 2017

Location: Bakersfield, CA

The EH&S Manager is responsible for leading Environmental, Health and Safety programs and activities within the Plant, and driving the EH&S strategy deployment to a zero incident culture.   Under the direction of the Plant Manager and President, develops and implements all EHS-related plans, procedures, and training programs, conducts and/or manages internal and external EHS-related audits and inspections, oversees maintenance and development of the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and contractor safety program, inspects, orders and maintains health and safety equipment including PPE,  investigates accidents, incidents, and near-misses, and is responsible for  a variety of EHS-related reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

  • Develops and implements health and safety plans and procedures
    • Manage and update as needed the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and all other mandated plans and procedures
    • Oversees the development and implementation of the Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plans (RMP)
    • Ensure that all EHS plans to comply with Federal, State and Local Regulations
    • Participate in the development and implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plans (RMP)
      • Participate in PSSR–Pre-start and safety review of new equipment and procedures
      • Participate in Management of Change (MOC) process — provide expertise and input regarding sound EH&S controls
    • Assists Operations in the implementation of plans, procedures and training
    • Maintain OSHA / Cal OSHA records
    • Maintain and update emergency response plans and procedures
    • Maintain and update site security plans
    • Administer Contractor Safety Program — evaluate Contractors’ personnel safety training program/records, conduct regular safety meetings with Contractor’s lead representative/project coordinator, inspect contractor personnel work practices for compliance with EHS policies).
  • Develop and Manage Training Programs
    • Develop, schedule, plan and conduct mandatory initial and refresher training via onsite & offsite classroom sessions and computer based training, including but not limited to OSHA, Cal OSHA, and DOT requirements.
    • Ensure staff maintains required levels of job specific training.
    • Maintain accurate certification records for all training. Advise appropriate supervisor of deficiencies in training of their employees.
    • Ensure employees are trained in proper use of PPE and other safety equipment.
    • Develop, plan and initiate emergency response training. Conduct and record annual quarterly fire drills.
    • Maintain and update as needed the respiratory protection program.
  • Schedule, Plan and Hold Safety Meetings
    • Develop, schedule and conduct all safety meetings (monthly meeting with all staff and weekly tailgate meetings with plant operations personnel)
    • Plan and implement plant management and employee driven safety improvements.
    • Receive and review safety SHARC cards.
    • Discuss safety performance with individual employees as needed
  • Inspects, orders and maintains health and safety equipment including PPE
    • Determine and maintain all safety supplies and safety equipment,
    • Oversee the purchasing and maintaining adequate inventory of safety equipment and supplies.
    • Ensure all safety equipment is properly maintained, calibrated, labeled, and otherwise in compliance with all applicable regulatory standards
    • Oversee fire extinguisher inspections.
    • Update safety bulletin board, safety placards, health/hazard labels and all safety related labeling in accordance with all State, Federal and local regulations and laws.
  • Investigates accidents, incidents, and near-misses
    • Record / document all safety and environmental incidents and conduct initial investigation of accidents and incidents within 48 hours
    • Lead an investigation team as appropriate depending on the severity of the incident
    • Conduct root cause analysis and develop corrective actions recommendations
    • Complete the preparation of a final report
    • Establish and maintain a system to promptly address the incident report findings and recommendations.
    • Monitor and document progress on completing all approved recommendations and corrective actions.
    • Evaluate incident, review with operations staff, and conduct retraining as needed
  • Conducts Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) audits and inspections
    • Inspect plant and lab work areas at least monthly to ensure that they comply with EHS policies and regulations and report deficiencies to Plant management team and the President
    • Conduct compliance assessments (walking/working surfaces, machine guarding, confined space entry reviews, lockout/tagout, etc.),
    • Develop recommendations for corrective action regarding potential workplace safety hazards and environmental concerns and assist as requested in implementation
    • Lead and/or coordinate and participate in compliance audits including air district, county EHS or other local CUPA, insurance underwriters, and customers
    • Investigate health and safety-related complaints
    • Coordinate industrial hygiene programs as needed such as noise surveys, atmospheric monitoring, and ventilation surveys
  • Other EH&S and Related Reporting and Recordkeeping
    • Ensure compliance with Air District recordkeeping / log requirements for each permit on file.
      • Update as needed Air District permits reporting requirements matrix.
      • Ensure that staff is property logging and deporting data as required (i.e. boiler start-up and shutdown, LEL monitoring on MeOH and NM30 railroad car unloading).
      • Ensure compliance with annual permit renewals and operator management plan updates and reporting
    • Issue hot work permits and JSA’s.
    • Update CERS (online hazardous materials business plan) annually as required.
    • Maintain up-to-date internal chemicals inventory list.
    • Quarterly update list of Prop 65 chemicals within facility.
    • Maintain and/or coordinate updating of SPCC
    • Oversee and /or coordinate remediation of any product releases.
    • Perform waste water sampling and sending out for testing as required.

Education and Basic Requirements

  • BS degree in Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Science, Engineering or a related technical discipline
  • Professional certification preferred – CSP, CIH, CHMM.
  • 5+ years’ experience in an EH&S role within a manufacturing environment.
  • Working knowledge of Safety Health Agency (OSHA) regulations, policy development, field implementation, and audits.
  • Demonstrated ability to make sound recommendations, decisions and project plans that secure the continuing operation of the business.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (training, presentation, team collaboration and communication) with the ability to influence others.
  • Preferably trained in the following: Annual Regulatory Safety Training, Hazardous Material Specialist, OSHA 40-hour training.
  • Must be able to meet minimum DOT requirements.

Working Conditions

  • Exposure to heights, noise, extreme weather conditions, and areas where hazardous chemicals are present.
  • Must be able to work all shifts / schedules as needed.
  • Ability to adapt to changing situations and to handle competing demands with flexibility.
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, climb stairs, kneel, stoop, sit, walk extensively.


Kevyn Cole
Sr Lead Recruiter